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100% Custom Made USB Thumb Drives

When purchasing branded USB Flash Drives a couple of years ago there was only really one choice unless you were ordering thousands and that was just to get them printed with your logo. This is not the case anymore with custom USB thumb drives now being more affordable than ever. Yes, they are still slightly […]

5 Top tips for ensuring you get the perfect branded USB Flash Drive.

1.    USB Model or Design Make sure that you pick a USB Flash Drive that fits your logo/brand. If you have a complicated logo with lots of text on there, then you are going to need a drive with a big print area such as the USB Wallet Card or Flip. If you have a […]

The humble USB Thumb Drive: Much more than portable data storage

The Modern Day alternatives to compact disks and floppies, custom USB Thumb Drives have many advantages. As well as being so compact that they are small enough to fit in your pocket, USB flash drives have a lot more going for them that we can sometimes overlook in our world of hi-tech gadgets. Removable External […]

Branded USB Flash Drive Brochure Vs Paper Brochure

More and more we are seeing companies release their brochure on a USB Flash Drive rather than printing it out, so we thought we would try and look at why this is happening. Paper brochures have been the preferred method for companies to show off their products and services for years and years, but recently […]

USB sticks that look good enough to eat!

If you’re looking for a promotional giveaway that will knock the socks off your clients, realistic thumb drives that are disguised as regular household items could be the answer. As well as adding a little humor to your marketing campaigns, it’ll be sure to get your brand noticed and remembered. From USB sticks in the […]

Finding the right Thumb Drive for you

There’s so much choice on the USB Thumb Drive market at the moment – making the task of deciding what model to choose a difficult one. Hopefully, this short guide will help make things much clearer. Although you may feel like there are many aspects that need to be considered when selecting the perfect USB […]

USB-Flash Drive takes on Las Vegas!

We took our USB Flash Drive expertise to one of the promotional industry’s largest trade shows dedicated to bringing suppliers and distributors together. The show ran throughout the first week of January, and attracted more than 4,750 distributor companies – all on the lookout for cool gadgets to jazz […]