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Samples Services

USB Flash Drives Samples

We realise choosing USB flash drives over the internet can be difficult without first seeing the actual product that you want to order, so we are happy to provide samples on request, however, we do have several requirements. Due to expenses incurred and the large volume of requests that we receive, please note the conditions below.

  • We ask that you shop around first and compare products and prices. If you would then like to move forward with an order but need to check the quality of the item we are happy to provide samples for you.

  • Maximum dollar value is US$20 or two types of USB drives. All samples provided free of charge are requested you pay the shipping cost only.

  • If more than two types of USB drives, or the total sum of samples is over US$20, we require payment of samples. We are happy to credit this back if an order is placed. Please note though the credit will only apply to those items ordered. Any other items not ordered for a credit.

  • We hope you can appreciate why we need to do this. We do want to make obtaining samples as easy as possible for you, but we also get a lot of people abusing this which adds greatly to the costs of the business, so we need to ensure as best as possible that the people requesting samples are doing so for a potential purchase of product and not just a free sample.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us!