Discover Fast and Reliable Vending Using Motors and Gear Motors

Vending machines provide dispensable products through easy access. The motors and gear motors in your vending machines must be reliable, operate in various weather conditions and meet the demands of heavy use.

We offer high-quality motors and gear motors for all of your vending applications through motor sourcing and manufacturing. If you are manufacturing an existing vending application or you are looking for custom-made motors or gear motors for a new OEM application, Golenn helps you find the right solution for your unique requirements.

Speed Meets Reliability in Vending Applications

※ The vending industry includes many unique applications that require reliable and fast electric motors and gear motors. Some of these applications include:

Food & drink vending: These machines are used in various settings including businesses, public parks, educational institutions and healthcare organizations. Due to heavy use, the motors and gear motors must withstand wear.

Postal stamp & ticket machines: Used in post offices as well as train stations, stamp and ticketing machines require intricate motors made to handle paper and plastic materials.

Merchandise vending machines: Often used in common areas and restrooms, merchandise vending machines vary in size and require motors and gear motors of various sizes built to fit.

Reverse vending machines: Reverse vending machines are used for container recycling and are common in areas with mandatory recycling laws. They require motors and gear motors that are manufactured specifically for this application.

Prescription medicine machines: Used to dispense prescription medication, these machines must use gear motors that are reliable and resistant to wear.

We offer motors and gear motors to fit your specifications, whether for production or custom-made machines. We use only the highest quality materials to create motors that are built to last.

※ Electric Motor Applications Within The Vending Industry Include:

※ Manufactured for Your Unique Dispensing Requirements

Our team of engineers, as well as our international network of manufacturers, work together to provide you the best solutions for your unique dispensing requirements. Whether you are a design engineer, an innovator or a purchasing manager, our team is available to discuss our cost advantages and how to turn your vision into a reality.

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