Motors and Gear Motors for Medical Equipment and Devices

The motors and gear motors that power medical equipment require high performance in the smallest possible size, while meeting the demanding quality standards of the industry. At Golenn, we provide custom small motor and gear motor solutions designed for specific medical devices critical to treating, moving, or rehabilitating patients. Designers and manufacturers of medical equipment know that a Golenn solution is a solution that delivers.

Types of Medical Equipment and Devices We Can Help With

    1. Dental hand tools

    2. Dosing equipment

    3. Drug delivery services

    4. Infusion pumps

    5. Laboratory automation equipment

    6. Medical beds and stretchers

    7. Medical drills

    8. Medical hand tools

    9. Medical staplers

    10. Patient lift equipment (fixed and portable ceiling lifts)

    11. Rehabilitation equipment

    12. Scooter and powerchair lifts

    13. Stair lifts

    14. Surgical boom automation

    From delicate instruments to powerful patient mobility equipment, Golenn provides high volume solutions for distinct medical applications.

Benefits of Golenn’s Approach to the Medical Industry’s Motor Needs

    Bridging Gaps

    Many clients don’t have internal expertise in motor engineering, quality or logistics. Golenn fills those gaps so you don’t have to incur the expense of hiring or resort to longer development timelines.

    “Just-Right” Solutions

    Our extensive network of manufacturers, technical resources, and motor technologies means our solutions are developed to be “just right” for your unique application requirements.

    Minimal Risk

    Working with us allows you to leverage global high-volume motor manufacturing without risking quality, sustainability, or IP. Our global quality control team minimizes the risk associated with overseas manufacturing.

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