Motor Solutions Designed for 24/7 Material Handling Applications

Manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, warehouses, and fulfillment centers increasingly depend on automated material handling equipment that must be reliable, efficient, and compact. This challenges OEMs to identify cost-effective motor and gear motor solutions specifically tailored to their needs, without sacrificing quality.

Motor Solutions

    Motor Technologies Include:

    1. Brushless DC motors

    2. Brushless DC gear motors

    3. AC Induction motors

    4. AC Induction gear motors

    5. Roller motors

    6. Cycloidal gear reducers

    7. Wheel motor assemblies

    8. Stepper motors

    Optimized Motor Solutions for:

    1. Increase Efficiency

    2. Cost Reduction

    3. Size Constraints

    4. Quality Improvement

    5. Lead Time Reduction

    Features for Material Handling Equipment Applications

    1. Ability to withstand extreme environmental factors

    2. IP Rated per application requirements

    3. Ruggedized

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