Who We Are and What We Do !

Our business philosophy is simple: offer friendly, professional service supplying the right electric motors, on time, at the right price. It has served us well! Contact us. We’ll be glad to help meet your needs. Thanks !

This is a professional manufacturer and exporter of electric motors in China, with an excellent reputation. We specialize in customizing our high performance motors with various applications, and in a position to accept orders as per customers' samples, customized designs, specifications and even packing requirements.

※ Our Advantages

Our products cover a wide range of applications from cost-effective commercial solutions to reliable industrial solutions. Some of our existing Applications are: 3D printers, medical testing equipment, CNC machinery, SMT reflow ovens, residential microwave ovens, woodworking machinery and so on.

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    Development Solutions

    We offer the better electric motor solutions for your business !

    Custom DC Stepper Motors
  • Product Sales

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  • Industrial Equipment Repair
  • Custom Electric Motors

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  • Custom Motors
  • Integrated Servo System

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  • Comprehensive Solutions

    We provides truly in-house comprehensive services and solutions for you !

    Custom electric Motors
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  • Custom Electric Motor Repair and Maintenance
  • Repair Work

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  • Golenn Consulting Services
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  • Excellence in Motion


    At the core of our business is a team of experienced engineers, prepared to address any technical challenge.


    We specialize in providing solutions custom tailored to meet individual client needs.


    Our diligent sales team prides in providing timely responses when communicating with our clients.


    Support for small volumes and sample production.


    We strive for the perfect balance between cost, quality, and timely delivery.

    Custom Electric Motors

    Product Sales

    Customer Services

    Repair Services