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Custom Made Overview Services

Create your own custom made usb stick!

Want to provide a personal and remarkable business gift? Make use of our custom made usb stick service! You can submit your own unique model or have an exclusive model created by our in-house graphic design department. No design is too difficult for our factories in China, sky is the limit! Check out the custom made usb sticks we have already produced and get inspired for your own custom shaped stick!

All of our usb sticks have USB 2.0 technology and are available in various memory capacities. Create your ultimate promotional tool by preloading important promotional or business data onto the USB.

Eye catcher: custom made usb sticks 

  • Personal business gift
  • Highly remarkable
  • Submit your own design or have one created
  • No limitations to design possibilities
  • Logo engraving or printing
  • USB 2.0 technology
  • Various memory capacities
  • Data preloading

Interested in our custom made usb sticks?

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