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brochure to custom USB flash drive

Brochure Solutions

Custom USB Brochures are unique and innovative brochures for companies looking to pass out information to direct and prospecting clients. Offered in two sizes bifold and trifold, Brochures are ideal for companies who are looking to use technology and create instant brand awareness. Handout these brochures like you would any other type of promotional handout. We've added a tear-off USB that your prospects can plug directly into a computer to launch your website, files, or other promotional material. There's no better way to get your contacts to visit your site and buy your products and services. Use it as a promotional tool to drum up business at an industry gathering, trade show, or other event. Please submit a request to find out more on how Brochures can work for your products and customers and increase sales.

Each Brochures features a minimal chip form factor that makes them extremely versatile. The paper-thin design allows them to be perfect bound, saddle stitched, or used as a drop-insert.