PM linear Stepper Motor for CNC Machine

Linear motors have a number of advantages over ordinary motors. Most obviously, there are no moving parts to go wrong. As the platform rides above the track on a cushion of air, there is no loss of energy to friction or vibration (but because the air-gap is greater in a linear motor, more power is required and the efficiency is lower). The lack of an intermediate gearbox to convert rotational motion into straight-line motion saves energy. Finally, as both acceleration and braking are achieved through electromagnetism, linear motors are much quieter than ordinary motors.

PM linear Stepper Motor Overview
  • Model Number:   25BYZ
  • Current:   0.5A
  • Push Torque:   30N
  • Step Angle(degrees):   15°(24steps/rev)
  • Structure:   Non Captive
  • Leads:   4 or 6 wires
  • Function:   Control
  • Protect Feature:   Enclosed
  • Speed:   Low Speed
  • Usage:   Industrial


    1. Non-captive design – motor moves along the lead screw

    2. Compact permanent magnet stepper construction

    3. High performance at a low cost

    4. A wide range of screw sizes available

    5. CE and RoHs approved

    6. Customizations on request

    7. No MOQ limited

    8. Short Lead-Time

    9. Quickly response in time

    10. Focus on Better Sales Service

    11. Standard Export Packing

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