Hybrid linear Stepper Motor with 10kg.cm Holding Torque and Non-captvie Linear Stepper Motors

The Linear Hybrid Stepper Series is available in three configurations: captive, non-captive and external. Custom anti-backlash nuts are available for the externally driven configuration. Customize the lead screw to adjust between travel speed and torque. Typical applications include 3D printer, robot, CNC etc. Linear motors have a number of advantages over ordinary motors. Most obviously, there are no moving parts to go wrong. As the platform rides above the track on a cushion of air, there is no loss of energy to friction or vibration (but because the air-gap is greater in a linear motor, more power is required and the efficiency is lower). The lack of an intermediate gearbox to convert rotational motion into straight-line motion saves energy. Finally, as both acceleration and braking are achieved through electromagnetism, linear motors are much quieter than ordinary motors.

Hybrid linear Stepper Motor Overview
  • Model Number:   57STH41-2804L304E
  • Current:   1.0A
  • Holding Torque:  8kg.cm
  • Inductance:  2.5 ± 20%mH
  • Rotate Direction:   ABCDA CW
  • Step Angle(degrees):   18°(200steps/rev)
  • HI POT:   AC600V/1MA/1S
  • Resistance:  0.9±15%
  • MAX Starting pps:   2500pps
  • Speed:   Low Speed
  • Rated voltage:   2.5V DC
  • Usage:   Industrial


    1. Available in captive, non-captive and externally configurations

    2. Anti-backlash nut available in PEEK, PTFE and POM

    3. High performance at a low cost

    4. A wide range of screw sizes available

    5. CE and RoHs approved

    6. Customizations on request

    7. No MOQ limited

    8. Short Lead-Time

    9. Quickly response in time

    10. Focus on Better Sales Service

    11. Standard Export Packing

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