24V High Speed Brushless DC Motors

There are two types of brushless DC motors: inner and outer rotor. Fundamentally they each work the same but come with different advantages and limitations.

24V High Speed Brushless DC Motor Overview
24V High Speed Brushless DC Motors
  • Model Number:   42BLSXXX
  • Commutation:   Brushless
  • Function:   Control
  • Protect Feature:   Enclosed
  • Speed:   High Speed
  • Usage:   Industrial


    1. Winding Type: Delta, 3 phase

    2. Hall Effect Angle: 120 Degree

    3. Shaft Runout: 0.025mm

    4. Radial Play: 0.02mm @ 450g

    5. End Play: 0.08mm @ 450g

    6. Insulation Class: B

    7. Insulation Resistance: 100M(Ohms) Min. ,500VDC

    8. Dielectric Strength: 500VDC for one minute

    9. Max. radial force: 28N (20mm from the flange)

    10. Max. axial force: 10N

    11. Rated Voltage: 24VDC (or customize)

    12. Rated Speed: 4000RPM

    13. Rate Torque: 0.063~0.25Nm

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