1.8 Step closed Loop Hybrid Stepper Motor with Encoder

A combination of permanent magnet and variable reluctance designs, hybrid stepper motors have a permanent magnet, toothed rotor made from two sections, or “cups,” that are opposite in polarity and whose teeth are offset from each other. The electromagnetic stator is also toothed. The rotor teeth help guide the magnetic flux to preferred locations in the air gap, which improves their holding, dynamic, and detent torque when compared to permanent magnet and variable reluctance types. Hybrid stepper motors can also achieve higher resolution than other stepper motor types, with step angles as small as 0.72 degrees (500 steps per revolution) in full-step mode, with even higher resolution when half-stepping or microstepping is used. The hybrid design is arguably the most popular type of stepper motor, but a more complex construction makes it the highest-cost option of the three stepper motor types.

Hybrid Stepper Motor with Encoder Overview
  • Model Number:   57STH76-2804BEN
  • Current:   2.8A
  • Leads:  4 or 6 wires
  • Encoder CPR:  1000
  • Protect Feature:   Enclosed
  • Shaft:   D-cut/ Round
  • Function:   Control
  • Connector:  Customized
  • Shape:   Square
  • Speed:   Low Speed
  • Usage:   Industrial


    1. Bipolar or unipolar versions available

    2. Hybrid stepper construction

    3. Available in single or double shaft versions

    4. CE and RoHs approved

    5. Customizations on request

    6. No MOQ limited

    7. Short Lead-Time

    8. Quickly response in time

    9. Focus on Better Sales Service

    10. Standard Export Packing

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