28mm outer rotor Brushless Motors

There are two types of brushless DC motors: inner and outer rotor. Fundamentally they each work the same but come with different advantages and limitations.

28mm outer rotor Brushless Motors Overview
12mm DC gear motor picture 1
  • Model Number:   A22-L
  • Commutation:   Brushless
  • Function:   Control
  • Protect Feature:   Normal, Enclosed
  • Speed:   High Speed
  • Continuous Current:   1.2A
  • Efficiency::   IE3
  • Construction:   Permanent Magnet
  • Type:   Micro Motor
  • Usage:   Unmanned Drone, Automatic Equipment


    1. Motor Diameter:28mm

    2. Motor Length:39mm

    3. Shaft Diameter:3.0mm

    4. Shaft Length:14mm

    5. Weight:85g

    6. Mounting Hole Size:M3.0, pitch 16mm

    7. M3.0, pitch 19mm

    8. Mounting Hole Depth:3mm Max

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