12mm Micro 6V DC Gear Motor for Electronic Door Lock

Our DC gear motors combine a compact structure with reliable performance and provide high torque at low speed. Other benefits include wide voltage ranges and speed. Applications include: electrical drive toy, toothbrush, electrical lock, electrical tools, vending machine etc. Choose a baseline version or request your own customized configuration.

12mm DC Gear Motor Pictures
12mm DC gear motor picture 1
12mm DC gear motor picture 2
12mm DC gear motor picture 3
12mm DC Gear Motor Overview
  • Model Number:   12FN20
  • Commutation:   Brush
  • Efficiency:   IE2
  • Protect Feature:   Totally Enclosed
  • Certification:   CE, ROHS
  • Voltage(V):   6V DC
  • Output Power:   0.17W
  • Torque:   0.4Kg.cm
  • Speed(RPM):   52RPM
  • Construction:   Permanent Magnet
  • Continuous Current(A):   0.165A
  • stall current:   0.62A REF
  • Type:   Gear Motor
  • Usage:   Electric Bicycle, Home Appliance, door lock,projector,hairdressing equipment
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